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Central MN Emergency Services Board and Committees

The Central Minnesota Emergency Services Board is one of seven regional Emergency Communications Boards (ECBs) and Emergency Services Boards (ESBs) in the state of Minnesota that have been established to provide local governance on matters related to emergency communications.

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Statewide Emergency Communications Board

Statewide Emergency Communications Board provides leadership to set the vision, priorities and technical roadmap for interoperable communications and alert and warnings across the state. 

Emergency Communication Networks Division (ECN) oversees the Statewide 911 Program, Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response (ARMER) radio communications network, the Interoperability Program, Integrated Public Alert and Warning Systems (IPAWS), and a statewide Wireless Broadband initiative in coordination with FirstNet. 

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Suggested SECB Board/Committees to Attend

Your Board/Committee Comparable SECB Board/Committee  
Emergency Services Board Statewide Emergency Communications Board  
Executive Committee Statewide Executive Committee  
Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) Finance, Legislative, & Steering Committees  
Owners & Operators Committee (O&O) Land Mobile Radio, Interoperability, & Wireless Broadband & Applications Committees  
User Committee See Owners & Operators  
Next Generation 9-1-1 Committee (NG911) NG911 Committee  
Emergency Management Advisory Committee (EMAC) IPAWS Committee  
Regional Logger Committee N/A