Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) Meeting Quorum

The minimum number of members of the RAC Committee who must be present before business can officially be conducted is ten (10) of the nineteen (19) agencies.

RAC Meeting Quorum Poll

Please check if your name is in the Delegate/Alternate column in the table below.

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Current RAC Committee Members

Delegate Alternate
City of St. Cloud
Myers Larson
Benton County
Dusing Tschida
Big Stone County
Sheriff Brown Kandiyohi County
Douglas County
Egan Smith
Grant County
Combs Lindquist
Kandiyohi County
Tollefson Norstegard
Meeker County
Sheriff Cruze
Mille Lacs County
Beckstrom Erickson
Morrison County
MacKissock Holman
Otter Tail County
Seim Karlgaard
Pope County
Sheriff Riley
Stearns County
Lahr Lieser
Stevens County
Sheriff Dingman
Swift County
Sheriff Holtz
Todd County
Wisniewski Booker
Traverse County
Sheriff Wright
Wadena County
Wheeler Savaloja
Wilkin County
Sheriff Harris
Wright County
Hansen Ward