Section 7 - Compliance & Conflict Resolution

Number Title Description
7.1.0 Audit Monitoring Process (PDF)
Describe the process by which the practices of the users of the Regional Public Safety Radio System will be monitored and/or audited to ensure compliance with the standards, policies and procedures set forth by the Metropolitan Radio Board.
7.2.0 Response to Non-Compliance (PDF)
Describe the consequences of non-compliance. These consequences will be spelled out for varying degrees and duration of non-compliance.
7.2.1 Compliance and Conflict Resolution for Committee Attendance
Describe the consequences of non-compliance with minimum attendance at Central Minnesota Emergency Services Board (CMNESB), Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), Owners & Operators Committee (O&O), and Users Committee.
7.3.0 The Appeals Process (PDF)
Describe the process by which a decision of the owner agency, SMG, RAC, CMNRRB Executive Director or the CMNRRB may be appealed.