Interregion Resource Sharing

Border Regions

Along the border of regions, emergency services may need to share resources with neighboring regions in order to effectively cooperate with emergency service from those neighboring regions. This page lists contact information needed to request resource sharing of neighboring counties.

A map showing the radio board regions


See the Interoperability Zone Map for information about Talkgroup Permission and Hex Code Information.


All requests to use metro regional talkgroups must be approved. Anyone requesting access to metro regional interoperability talkgroups must fill out the talk group permission letter template, available on the MESB Website (formerly on the Standards page). The template is Appendix C to the standards and is on that webpage.

The MESB Radio TOC Chair will review all requests and approve or deny the request. If The MESB Radio TOC Chair is unsure or has concerns, the request will go before our Radio TOC for action.