What is Proof of Payment?

Proof of Payment

Proof of payment in the form of either a copy of the front and back of a cancelled check or a clear and accurate expenditure report from a sub-grantee’s financial system must be submitted for every expense. The proof of payment document should include dollar amounts, dates, vendor names, and invoice numbers that match the information included in the grant request. For personnel expenses, a payroll report showing dates and amounts broken down by employee is required as proof of payment documentation. Source:   HSEM Grant Manual (Page 10)

Proof of Payment Types:

Proof of Payment is used to show evidence that funds were transferred.
  • Check/Warrant:  Original detailed Check/Warrant plus Cancelled Check/Warrant
  • Credit Card:  Credit card statement plus the following month's credit card statement showing the balance paid. Note: Some agencies may need to show their master agency statement was paid if individual statements do not show this information.
  • Financial System Statements (Show evidence the funds were transferred)
  • ACH Payments

Electronic [ACH] Payment Instructions:

(Provide this information to your Auditor's Office if your agency utilizes ACH Payments)
  1. IFS - Warrant #
  2. IFS - Disbursement Detail Inquiry
  3. IFS - Work with Disbursement Detail
  4. IFS - Warrant Register
  5. Bank Activity - Deposit Accounts