Section 1 - Management

Number Title Description
1.8.1 Signal Booster Requirements (PDF)
Establish the procedure for approval of installations of Signal Boosters (BDA or CRAE) within the regional public safety radio system.
1.10.1 Requesting Full Participation (PDF)
Establish a procedure for an eligible entity, such as a county, a city, an EMS provider, or a special purpose governmental agency to apply for full participation in the Central region of the ARMER (Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response) system.
Configuration Approval (PDF)
Establish a procedure for obtaining approval of the technical design configuration developed by an entity requesting full participation in the region-wide 800 MHz digital trunked system.
1.10.3 Requesting Limited Participation (PDF)
Establish a procedure for requesting limited participation in the regional 800 MHz digital trunked radio system.
1.11.4 Training 800 MHz Radio Users (PDF)
Establish the minimum training standards for radio operators.
1.11.5 Training Non-Participating Radio Users (PDF)
Establish the minimum training standards for radio operators having access to interop channels of this system.
1.14.0 Application for Membership or Participation (PDF)
Establish policies and procedures for application for participation in the Board.
1.15.0 Prioritization of CCGW Port Utilization (PDF)
Establish prioritization for use of CCGW (Conventional Channel Gateway) ports on the ARMER system